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Города Великобритания  
Информация о стране код страны: GB
континент: Европа
столица: Лондон
языки: английский

ES членство: да
NATO членство: да

GSM: 900/1800/3G
GPS: 54 00 N, 2 00 W
электричество: 230V/50Hz

денежная единица:
британский фунт стерлинг: GBP
1GBP = 1.875 USD
1GBP = 1.482 EUR

телефонный код: +44-20

Советы и предупреждения для путешествия Великобритания
Дорожные заметки Великобритании Traveler’s checks are the safest way to bring money to anywhere. You can purchase traveler's checks in British pounds through the international division of any large bank, but is highly recommended to get checks issued in dollars in case you are planning to go to another country. Most stores and restaurants, theaters or travel agencies readily accept MasterCard, Visa and to some extent, American Express charge cards.
Currency exchange You can change cash and traveller's cheques at British Banks, Building Societies, larger Post Offices, Travel Agents, some Tourist Information Centres, American Express, and Bureaux de Change. ATMs are the bets way to change money, they have very little fees rather than travellers checks. ATMs are also connected to the major networks at airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick. You'll usually get a better exchange rate by withdrawing money at an ATM, but take care because your bank may charge a fee for using a foreign ATM. You may also need a different PIN to use overseas ATMs. You will need to call your bank to check and get a new PIN if needed before you go.
Prices (Cost) The high cost of travelling basics such as transport, accommodation and food means that you will spend at least £50 per day as a budget traveller. This figure climbs higher if you want to use taxis, 3 star hotels, and eat in restaurants.
London and the South East can be up to three times as expensive as other parts of the country.
Шоппинг в Великобритании Although shopping in the UK can be expensive, it is generally regarded as a world-class destination for shoppers both in terms of variety and quality of products, depending on where and what you buy. Fierce competition has brought prices down considerably in the food, clothing and electronic sectors. Prices do vary and it is always worth visiting the various retail stores as bargains can often be found. Avoid buying from the tourist areas and stick to the High Street shops or the many 'out-of-town' retail parks where prices will be considerably cheaper. The retail market in the UK is a very competitive one and many bargains are to be had all year round. In the electronics sector, for example, it is becoming more and more common to ask for a price reduction at time of purchase.
Eat Many restaurants in city centres tend to be a little more expensive than ones in the suburbs, and pubs do tend to be slightly more expensive in the countryside, but generally, a three-course meal without drinks will cost the traveller anywhere between £10 and £15. Chicken tikka masala with rice is sometimes claimed as the UK's most popular dish, though roast beef is a more traditional national dish.
Restaurants Larger towns have a range of restaurants to suit most tastes and you will find a very broad range of different cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, Thai, French and Italian. Waiters generally expect a 10% tip (but all too often do not get it from the native population) and in some places this is automatically listed on your bill. However, if you are dissatisfied with the service in any way, you are under no obligation to pay the service charge. Generally British people are not great tippers. As a visitor the 10% rule is more than generous and worth sticking to. Visitors from The US and Canada are seen as very generous tippers and even a bit of a soft touch by some.

Лондон, Великобритания

Четверг 25, Апрель

Из Википедии о Великобритания

Великобрита́ния (русское название от Great Britain; полное название — Соединённое Короле́вство Великобрита́нии и Се́верной Ирла́ндии, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, по-английски обычно сокращается до «United Kingdom» — «Соединенное Королевство») — островное государство в Западной Европе. Великобритания — одно из крупнейших государств Европы, ядерная держава, постоянный член Совета Безопасности ООН. Наследница Британской империи, являвшейся наиболее крупным государством мира в XIX — начале XX века.

Великобритания считается родиной современной парламентской демократии. Форма правления — парламентарная монархия.

Государство состоит из четырех «исторических провинций» (по-английски — «countries», то есть «страны»): Англия, Шотландия, Уэльс и Северная Ирландия. Форма административно-территориального устройства — унитарное государство, хотя три из четырех исторических провинций (кроме Англии) обладают значительной степенью автономии.

Столица — город Лондон, один из крупнейших городов Европы и важнейший мировой финансово-экономический центр.

Государственный язык — английский.
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